Revolutionary Lighting: LED That Brightened the World

In this article, you will read about Revolutionary Lighting: LED That Brightened the World. A maximum percentage of lighting is done using the LED.

World stepped on to another phase with the invention and the usefulness of LED lights.

This was a revolution, a LED Lighting Revolution.

Incandescent bulbs were invented and used highly and widely around the globe for various purposes. It had major faults. Incandescent, the 100-year-old bulbs had the defect of consuming high energy with its heat.

Hence they were also usually called ‘heat bulbs’.

Man always wanted everything to be energy conserving rather than energy consuming.

This was the time of the perfect entry for the LED era. It is said that by the coming of 2020 the whole earth would make use only of LED lights and equipment made with them. From torches to skyscraper lights LEDs are being used.

Most of the luxury cars use LED for headlight purposes. LEDs usually project bright lights, sharp and powerful.

Billions are being invested in the markets on the basis of business for this because LED helps to save billions of dollars and also electricity costs and units.

There are various kinds of LEDs used for various purposes. Hence there are bright LEDs as well as diminished LEDs.

Every screen now including televisions, mobile phones have begun to use LED technology in their products. Like LCD.

LED screens are also commonly available now. This technology is taking big leaps and in a fast manner with ideas growing more quickly.

LED has very great efficiency than any other lighting. It is also different from Compact Fluorescent Lamp (CFL).

Modern LED technologies even make use of the internet for access or lighting control through smartphones applications.

When people spend a large sum of their income on lighting, electricity, fuel etc… LED only demands a low amount to be spent on it.

Various qualities of LED lights come into the industry along with dupes.

LED lights and bulbs are being used along with solar panels for lighting.

This requires absolutely no energy except the solar energy that is available from nature.

This LED has become a prominent thing in the light markets needed by millions of customers.

LED also helps in reducing pollution by controlling carbon emission from bulbs in the society, being different from other light emitting bulbs and things.

Thus not just any countries but global energy is saved and preserved for use.

Therefore LED becomes more like a miraculous invention.


The world called this as a LED revolution because of the reduction in cost, maintenance, and quality and performance of the bulbs invented.

Since the year 2009, the prices of LEDs have gone down remarkably to above 90% hence buying becomes easy for the customers.

LED’s have a long life up to five years as per the quality of the bulb. It also has a high and superior quality compared to other fluorescent and incandescent lamps.

This invention made a major turn and got attention. Thus people behind this were appreciated and awarded. In 2014, Nobel Committee awarded three scientists for their invention in the 1990s for their ‘efficient blue light-emitting diodes.

Therefore it can be said that the world glows and shines brightly only because of the invention of LED that makes the cities and nightlife so beautiful around the world.

And the trend is expected to continue for few more decades.

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