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Inspiring Ways to Decorate Your Home With the Help of String Lights

You can actually add a magical charm to any space by easily decorating it with luminous string lights, they appear fantastic indoors as well as outdoors. And can actually be used as a décor all year round. String lights create an ambiance that’s warm, cozy and even romantic, they assist to set a mood and they are numerous ways to decorate with them.

We absolutely love them for adding a touch of light to a headboard, firebox, wall, mantel, table centerpiece, trees, railing, planters, bookshelves, wrapped around a mirror or wooden ladder, strung from the ceiling, or simply decorating an outdoor living space. Fairy lights are even perfect for decorating small apartments and dorm rooms. These amazing lights can make your home glow long even after the vacations are over, setting the mood during the evening as well as keeping a festive cheer on long winter night’s and also after the snow melts.

The latest LED lights offer amazing technological features like timers as well as remote controls, making setting the mood much more easier. They burn more safely and they are looking more aesthetically pleasing than ever, so it might be wise to not store them away after the vacations and instead find some clever ways to actually brighten your mood all year round.

We have some fantastic ideas for inspiration and with a bit creativity, you’ll be able to transform and ordinary space into one of enchanting one. Make sure to let us know which image you really find most inspiring!

1. Wrap twinkle lights around a metal wire bed frame in order to create the proper ambiance for watching a movie, reading, dozing off, or any other bed activity of your choosing.

2. Do you not have a nice light fixture over your dining room table? Hang only 2 strands of globe lights low over your eating space for statement lighting at a fraction of the original price.

3. Add clothespins to fairy lights so you’ll be able to hang printed photos, cards, or small artwork.

4. Or simply try lights with clips built right in to cast a glow on all your favorite memories.

5. You can also create custom light-up clouds for dramatic indoor weather with the help of paper lanterns, batting (AKA stuffing), and string lights.

6. You can even pin a rope light to your wall and just spell out your favorite word as a reminder to relax sometimes. Rope lights have a much more concentrated number of lights than the regular string lights, making your word much more visible and easier to read.

7. Wrap the leaves of some enormous plant with simple golden fairy lights for more added warmth to your greenery.

8. Use lights particularly designed for bottles (complete with a glowing cork); they’re ideal for empty liquor or wine bottles.

9. Make your very own marquee-style lighting with plywood and globe-style string lights. Cut the plywood into the shape of your choice, drill holes where you wish the lights, and feed the bulbs through the holes. Done.

10. Frame your mirror with an LED strand to reflect more light into your room.

11. You can also illuminate a vaulted or recessed ceiling (or any other nook-like area) by just hanging strands of bigger globe lights on cup hooks.

12. Hang extra long globe lights from the top of your window for an extra dose of magic whenever you peek outside.

13. Simply spray paint fake palm or Monstera leaves, attach them to your strand of lights, and hang above your bar cart so as to turn it into a mini paradise.

14. You can simply hang a curtain of strands in order to create a stunning and mesmerising piece of wall art or dramatic background for all your Instagram posts.

15. Furthermore, another thing that you can create is the reading nook of your dreams by lining a hanging canopy with star-shaped string lights. You should not forget about the comfortable faux sheepskin rug for the ultimate in comfort!