Brighten Up Your Home With Pendant Lighting

The pendant is gaining more attention in the recent years. With the wide variety of designer lights from contemporary to traditional styles available today, a simple rod hanging light adds a grace to your room.
There are wide varieties of shapes, sizes and styles are available in the market. Where to fix this Pendant light seems confusing. But the real fact is that it gives a warm ambient lighting to all spaces including kitchen, work area, dining or home office desk. Well-positioned pendant lighting like Mini Pendants, Multi-Light Pendants, Drum Pendants, Bowl and Inverted Pendants etc can brighten up and illuminate your home

The best place to hang a Pendant light

The Pendant light that catches your eye looks fabulous everywhere but still adds character to entries, hallways, staircases, and kitchens. You can use pendant light as a bedside lamp and can free up your space.

The beauty of lighting is seen when it reflects on a surface. Always keep in mind to fix the Pendant lighting downwards to get a visual impact.

Dine In: When pendant lights are used in dining room, it is always wise to hang multiple pendants for a larger dining table. This is done not only to get proper lighting but also to add beauty.

Hallway: Giving importance to the height of the ceiling from the floor, the identical multiple pendant lights give a classy look to your hallway.

Kitchen: Though finding the perfect lighting for your kitchen is in a way complicated, Opting for pendant lighting is a smart decision. The unique texture of the lights brightens the kitchen and creates a mood.

Stairs: There are numerous styles to check for while selecting pendant for stairs. In order to add beauty to the home, the clearance way for walking must be proper. The height of the ceiling must be considered
while hanging pendant under stairs.

Bedroom: Pendant lights are used in bedrooms instead of table lamps. They can either be hanged on both sides of the room or in the center.

The benefit is that you can use one or the either depending on the shade you need.

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