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6 Main Types Of Lighting

In this article, you will learn about the 6 main types of lighting. What are the different types of lighting and how can you use to create accent lighting. With so many types of lighting available, It can be little confusing when you designing a lighting scheme for your offices or home. We explain the different types of lighting whether it is ambient lighting, task lighting or accent lighting. Our main focus is on how to use effectively and which lighting fixtures are used to create the desired lighting.


Main Types of Lighting –


1. Ambient Lighting :

It is one of the most common types of lighting. Ambient lighting giving a soft glow that blankets your space enough for you to function without causing a harsh glare. In cinematography and photography, ambient light is considered as great natural light within a room. In decor lighting, ambient lighting is similar except you create the ambient light by making the room lighting natural as much possible. While ambient lighting is meant to safely from point A-to-B. It is not ideal to highlight things around your space or working closely with things.


2. Recessed or Track Lighting :

You can try mainly series of things throughout your space. These work very well with all types of ceilings but if your ceiling is lower then make sure that light is not too harsh the room. You must be very careful not to over light space. You must try track lighting within in your bedroom, kitchen or living room.


3. Pendants and Chandeliers :

These lighting fixtures work much fantastic with the taller ceilings. You can choose which height is best according to your lighting needs. You must also notice that which chandeliers below are placed lower in areas will not be walking near. They are many classic pieces that work well in the bathroom, in foyers, and over the tub.


4. Task Lighting :types-of-lighting

This lighting is smaller but more concentrated light. When you are working you mainly require task lighting. In fact, some people call it office lighting. This lighting is very useful when you doing various projects such as cooking, reading, writing, and many other things. Task lighting only works well when you require contrasting light. For example- if you having a low lit room in which table lamp is turned on then light in that area will be effective with less glare.


5. Accent Lighting :

This lighting is much concentrated with the only intention of drawing the eye to its focal point. This lighting is a great way of adding drama and style to your homes. This will help to illuminate the pieces which you want to display while shadowing the dull areas. People use accent lighting for bookcase displays, wall washing, collections, pieces of furniture, the general architecture of homes etc.


6. Spot Lighting :

These lightings are also used for wall washing. These lightings are much useful in accenting. You can place at the base of your wall to illuminate a colorful paint design, beautiful brick fixture and displaying a huge bay window.
Well, this was the end of the article of 6 main Types of lighting. These lighting design ideas will greatly help to change your mood.