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5 Tips to Reduce Energy Consumption In Hospitals

In this article, you will learn about 5 tips to reduce energy consumption in hospitals. Hospital helps to recover healing and provide comfort. Every aspect of the setting to be focused to provide a delivering optimal care.

Efficient lighting also enhances the patient experience and improves the outcomes of people. Hospitals should be searching several ways to reduce the energy consumption and costs. There are numerous solutions that every facility should be considered.

Ther are below some quick solutions that help hospitals to reduce energy costs with a minimal investment.

5 Things to reduce energy in hospital lighting

1. Replace lighting system

Replace lighting system with a newer and efficient LED lighting system will add surplus energy and cost savings of the hospital lighting. Installing occupancy control, dimmers and daylighting control can also have the huge effect in reducing the lighting usage. Lowering the lighting energy will also have a huge positive effect on lowering the cooling load in the summer.


2. Automatic Lighting Control

For a hospital lighting, we also use the sensors that will detect a personal presence and automatically light control system. It should be automatically light turn on or off depending on whether is going or coming. For hospital lighting, the scheduled lighting system can help to keep costs down, especially when combined with occupancy sensors.


3. Power Down Office Equipment

Hospitals computers waste a lot of amount of energy, especially if they are not in use. You must ensure that computers are put to be sleep or power mode when they not in use. These will greatly help to reduce the energy costs in hospital lighting. Computers can be to automatically switch to sleep or power down by changing the setting of operating system control panel or setting.


4. Implementing Vending Machine Control system

Much like the lighting control system, vending machine control system uses the occupancy sensors to power down the machine when space is unoccupied. When sensory detect any motion, it will automatically power up. This would ensure that there is no disruption in the machine. It will also reduce the machine energy usage up to 50 percent in the hospital lighting.


5. Space Cooling SystemSpace-Cooling-System


Central cooling systems use the energy transferring heat from one building to the atmosphere. These systems are highly energy intensive and temperamental according to the changing situations. Nowadays highly advanced technology is to be available to optimize control of systems and help to lower energy usage.


Well-designed lighting plays an active role in improving patient outcomes. lighting infrastructure is one of the most valuable and critically important assets.


Proper lighting also increases the efficiency and accuracy of the examiners to provide the well being and comfort of the patient. BRBD offers complete patient lighting solutions that feature energy efficient and integrated lighting control.


Well this was the end of article of 5 tips to reduce energy consumption in hospitals. Efficient hospital lighting is the major component of the lighting solution. Well- designed lighting systems give patients more control of the environment.