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5 Things to Know Before Installing Solar on the Roof

In this article, you will learn about 5 Things to know before installing solar on the roof.

Every day more and more people are getting focus on the idea of conserving energy and using more sustainable energy.

It becomes too much popular with time is the idea of powering your house with solar panels. It is an easy way to save your money on your electricity bills.

India is geographically blessed as one of those countries which are blessed with abundant solar panels.

Top 5 things you need to take into consideration before you install those rooftop solar panels.

Things to Know Before Installing Solar on the Roof

1. Check to Require Space to Install Solar Panel System

The installation of the rooftop is basically depended on how much rooftop space is available to your house.

You make sure that how many square feet/balcony area is there in order to install a solar panel.

It is very necessary for solar panels to face in south direction. In south direction, there is a good amount of sunlight that is absorbed throughout the day.  

Sons panels can be usually used 250Wp(Watt peak) to 300Wp for larger home installations. In the medium to large set-ups, It uses a 74Wp or 100 Wp panels.

2. How to Improve the Efficiency?


Amount of solar energy is needed to produce is basically depends on how much you use. It makes sense to trim your usage as much as possible.

You must start with an energy audit and look for efficiency upgrades before you draw up blueprints.

3. Good Storage Unit

Another important unit is the battery. Solar power can be generated only those places where too much sunlight is available.

It is not in possible in those areas where too much raining is there.   

You much consumed the solar power so that it can be consumed later. For this, you required a battery.

A good battery will be very useful to increase the overall cost.

4. Service and Maintenance of the Solar Panels


The average life of the son panels is 25 years. Solar panels are basically no moving parts and require practically no maintenance throughout its life.

In this simple maintenance is to be done. You must Wash the panels every 15-20 days with a cloth. You must ensure you are picking a reliable equipment from genuinely certified suppliers.  

Always choose a solar setup that is secured under a warranty period. The payback period of solar rooftop system that is under 3-5 years depending on the state tariff.

5. Cost of Solar Panel

The cost of a rooftop solar panel is basically depended largely on quality. To install a solar panel you need to require a solar panel(s), UPS(uninterruptible power supply ), charge controller, battery, etc.

Apart from these, you must have a proper understanding of the power consumption pattern. For these, you must require a good quality rooftop panel of 1 kW.

These are the 5 things to know before installing solar on the roof. Installing solar panels can be the best choice to save your money on your electricity bills.

Purchasing of elevators is actually a bigger decision than most people realize. So you must know everything before buying the solar panels.