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5 Best Benefits of App-Based Lighting

In this article, you will learn about the best benefit of app-based lighting. The app-based lighting focuses on capturing the space around you.

It is also configuring how to automatically respond lights, sensors, and other devices.

With an intuitive and guided user interface, you simply know how the lighting ambiance to appear at different points throughout the day.

It handles automatically with the use of control lights and constant app access. They are smart because they are no longer restricted to be just and off.

You can simply change the color of light or light turn on and off. The smart light needs to connect to a home from several gadgets like smartphone, tablet etc simply just by an app.

5 Benefits of App-Based Lighting

1. Use an Appropriate Scene

App-based lighting providing a useful feature. It builds several options for everything. By this, you can make an appropriate scene of your own.

Choose one room and tap to be a + option in the bottom right corner. You choosing a picture scene from your camera roll.

If you want to recreate the mood for any party then you can also adjust the strength of color with the bar at the bottom.

If you have tweaked of the existing presets then press + button and choosing current light settings.

2. Set Your Proper Schedule

exterior architectural lighting fixtures

You can also set the routines by lighting turn and off at different schedules. App-based providing a feature by which you simply did this.

You simply go to the ‘routines’ then choose ‘home and away’ and then press the ‘location-aware’.

This would be helpful for which light is there when you coming home or leave. You can also provide this feature after sunset by only single click.

3. Provides an Extra Schedule

You don’t want to be any bright bedroom lights to blast you to be sudden awake in the morning. You need time to slowly wake up and gently dull night to you at night.

Then choose to be ‘routines’ and either ‘go to sleep’. Press the + button to create a proper schedule for them to slowly ‘fade in’ and ‘fade out’ and then save.

You can also make an extra schedule to hint that it’s time to go to bed.

4. Feature to Provide a Single User Interface


BRBD consist of a different interface and control panels but your home feels to the simple user interface. You simply control your lighting with a simple easy app.

You can simply interact and access the smart devices by an app. You can turn on and off lights, lock doors or close the electronic blinds.

You simply control all the devices by a single button.

5. Share Lighting Control With Anybody Else

With an old feature of lighting options, it was difficult to share the lighting control with anyone else, especially with children.

BRBD has solved this problem by making this process very easy. Sharing is now a part of the app-based lighting and happens with a single touch a button.

Well, this was the end of the article of 5 best benefits of an app based lighting. In which BRBD has complete solutions for all problems.

They provide to be a cost-effective lighting at an affordable rate.

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