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5 Benefits of Energy Efficient Lighting

In this article, you will learn about 5 benefits of energy efficient lighting. Start your day with by exchanging your regular incandescent light bulbs for an energy efficient lighting. By exchanging this, your country could save to light at least 2.5 million homes a year. By doing this, we save a lot of money in energy costs. Those are much pretty impressive returns on investment.

Which Light Bulbs Are Energy Efficient?

There are mainly two kinds of energy efficient light bulbs that are available on the market: Light emitting diode and compact fluorescent lights (CFL).

CFL is a more powerful and light bulb version of the much familiar fluorescents light strips. They come in a various range of sizes and shapes and giving a similar lighting effect to normal incandescent bulbs.

LED are the miniature bulbs that are powered by the various movement of electrons. This advanced technology replaces the filament inside the regular incandescent bulb which explains that why LED bulbs last longer and much less bulky.


Several Features of Energy Efficient Lighting :




1. Efficiency

CFL bulb is efficient and four times efficient than any normal incandescent bulb. They can last up to 10,000 hours and normally 10 times longer than incandescent bulbs. LED bulbs earn even much better efficiency. A normal CFL bulb can last up to 100,000 hours which are more powerful than any ordinary bulb. It means you could use them continuously without any break for more than 10 years. Plus, LED bulb reduces your electricity bills by 90 percent. The actual lifetime of an energy efficient light bulb depends on the individual usage patterns and the particular brand.


2. Lower Greenhouse Emissions

If you replace an incandescent bulb with an energy efficient light bulb, you can reduce carbon emissions by half a ton. It would also prevent the emission of greenhouse gases which are equivalent to nearly 800,000 cars on the road.


3. Electricity Savings

Energy efficient lighting bulb cost more to purchase then normal incandescent bulbs. They offering a much saving over their lifetime. They not only utilize less energy but last up to a longer hour.


4. Versatility

Replacing an incandescent bulb with energy-efficient light bulb can be a much better option. They are now even CFL that works with dimmer switches and 3-way lamps.


5. Durability

LED bulb stand up particularly well to stress from jarring and bumping. Since, they do not contain any filament, LED light bulbs don’t break easily as incandescent bulbs.

Well this, was the end of the article of 5 benefits of energy efficient lighting. These energy-efficient lighting bulbs are available in different variety of colors and light levels that you have come to expect. You much saw that initial price of energy-efficient bulbs is typically much higher than traditional incandescent bulbs. These newer bulbs cost less to operate and saving your much money.