3 Great Reasons to use LED for Parking Garage Lighting

This article is all about 3 Great Reasons to use LED for Parking Garage Lighting.  Parking garage lights are large fixtures designed to adequately light a space for navigation and safety.

Better lighting is essential to give a positive user experience in a parking garage.

Typically HID lights are used but they aren’t the most efficient solution for your facility.

However, on the other hand, the bright and constant illumination of LED lighting improves visibility and drivers feel to safe and more in control.

Today, we will look at three great reasons to convert your parking garage lighting to LED.

3 Great Reasons to use LED for Parking Garage Lighting are as follows

1. Energy and Cost Saving


Cost and energy savings is a primary motivating factor for any business.

Now, if we look at the common wattage of HID lamps it ranges from 70 to 400 watts as compared to 24 to 82 watts of the LED fixture.

Thus LED lamps save roughly 40%-60% of energy.

If we look at it from a cost perspective point, typical LED fixture building will save around 300$ per fixture per year.

Depending on the size of your facility this difference can play a very significant role in cost saving.

2. Maintenance Cost Reduction


LED lights are efficient not just in cost saving but can also help you to save money by reducing maintenance cost.

Because of the way LED generates lights, the way they function is much different than HID.

Instead of ceasing their functions once a fuel source is significantly reduced, LED light outputs to degrade very slowly.

Functional life of LED is often more than 100,000 hours, so by converting conventional 250W HID wall pack to a LED wall pack, we can save up to $5,341 over the course of 3 years maintenance cost alone.

3. Lighting Performance


Finally, while saving energy and maintenance cost is important for any business, it is also important that we don’t compromise on lighting performance.

This is again a point where LED stands high up on the pedestal in any competition.

As a result, LED LIGHTING provides evenly distributed light.

This means that light level across the surface will vary less between fixture mounting locations.

When we compare this to HID light fixtures, it often produces a “bright spot” directly under the fixture with light level decreasing as the distance between fixtures increases.

In addition to appropriate distribution of light, LEDs has a range of CORRELATED COLOUR TEMPERATURES (CCT’s) and it provides a range of options to increase visual perception of “brightness”


We can conclude by saying that LED retrofit will help to reduce energy consumption, decrease maintenance cost and increases the light performance.

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