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Professional Lighting

professional lighting

Professional Lighting

Professional Lights are used to show an excellent color and brightness for events, functions, meetings, parties, concerts, clubs, occasions, seminars, professional functions, etc. Professional lighting is the latest innovations in lighting technologies which is used to bring out the texture and the shining on the wall, as these are capable of mastering as much space as possible.

We know that the professional functions and meetings are very important for you, and you want qualitative professional lighting for it. So, you should buy the best and top of the line quality of professional lighting, by the BRBD & Sons lighting in Delhi.


Types of Professional Lights

  • Projectors: Projector is a type of indoor light. Projectors are generally used in meetings, to show the presentations.
  • Recessed or Down lights: Recessed or Down light is a type of indoor light. Recessed lights are also called pot lights, because these are bulbs having their own reflectors.
  • Sconce: Sconce light is also a type of indoor light. Sconce is a mounted fixture for a wall.
  • Track lighting: Track light is an another type of indoor light. Track lighting is a lighting which is an individual and decorative fixtures and can be easily aimed at a wall.
  • Floodlights: Floodlight is a type of outdoor light. These type of lights are perfect for stadiums, night matches, outdoor playing fields, etc.
  • Beacon lights: Beacon light is also a type of outdoor light. Beacon lights are used to positioned at the intersection of two roads to aid in navigation, for roadways and walkways at night.
  • High intensity discharge lamps: This is a type of Conventional light. This is also called an arc lamp because it is like electrical gas-discharge lamp, which produces lights by means of an electric arc.
  • Halogen Lamps: Halogen lamp is an advanced form of incandescent lamp. It is a gas filled bulb just like a standard tungsten bulb, however the gas in a halogen bulb is at a higher pressure.
  • Neon Lights: These are types of a low pressure gas contained within a glass tube.
  • Fluorescent light: It is a tube coated with phosphor containing low pressure mercury vapor that produces white light.


Professional Lighting Consultant & Distributor

BRBD Sons, since 1938 provides all type of professional lighting at the best and competitive rates. We have been in the industry for more than 70 years now and with this experience, we have more than thousands of customers. We are the franchise distributors of most of the major brands of LEDs, wires, cables, switch and accessories including Panasonic, Mitsubishi, Legrand, Finolex, Schneider, Opple LED, KEI, Osram and Anchor panasonic. We have a vast range of products so that each customer can be satisfied. We are able to provide quality solutions to your lighting & Electrical requirements. We have a team of professionals to make your place much better than before, with the professional lighting. We offer the best possible services to our clients, resulting in a long satisfactory association with them that is why franchise distributorship has also been a plus point for us. Being Professional Lighting consultant, we offer the best possible solutions for your requirement.


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