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LED Lighting Solutions

LED Lighting Solutions

As a modern technology, our progressive company gives us the opportunity to stay in touch with our latest advance products.

With a new LED product, we will always be able to keep you informed about the latest developments in the LED lighting solutions.

Our main emphasis is to provide an energy saving and eco-friendly illumination equipment.

This topic is certainly of great interest to you as it will help to save your money, from both reduced energy bills and the zero maintenance requirements of leads.

We replace the traditional municipal and architectural lighting with the latest technology, LED lighting solutions.

It also including solar powered units. We undertake straightforward replacement projects, new engineering projects, including assistance in design, planning, and implementation.

We support a high priority of products. We carry quantities of spare parts on all our stock items.  

We provide a full-time warranty in which our house technical support team will ensure minimum downtime on the rare occasions a product proves to be faulty.

Because there are so many LED varieties, choosing a right LED bulb is entirely different.  

There are many factors like color, right wattage etc.that can help you choose the right kind of LED light for your purpose. In which BRBD provides the best-LED lighting solutions.

BRBD company has more than 70 years of experience and we are responsible for providing outstanding LED lighting solutions as well in the future.

Our specialty is to provide an architectural and energy efficient illumination. We provide both large and small LED lighting products which are eco-friendly, money-saving products are needed.

In Which We Should Several Things Before Providing The LED Lighting Solutions:

1. Lumen Per Cost

The lumen (lm) is the real measurement of brightness provided by a light bulb. It tells you how bright the bulb will be. Do not buy on the bases of watts.

-If you purchase lighting with 110 lumens-per-watt, you just require 130 watts power consumption.

-If lighting comes with 100 lumens-per-watt, you require 143 watts power consumption.

2. Power Factor


Power factor is really a vital parameter to check the quality of any electrical instrument. Power Factor is the effective ratio of real power (used power at load) to apparent power from your meter.

Intelligent buyer is who not only check the wattage of any LED Light but who also check power factor with wattage.

They can give better output (brightness) or lumens per watt if beam angles are lower.

3. Life Rating


LED bulbs provide long life expectancy where maintenance is crucial. Always read the packaging of the bulb like brightness, energy use, light color, etc which shows the expected life expectancy.

LED bulbs have a highly rated working life which ranges basically ranges from 20,000 to 50,000 hours.

This LED life rating is 20 to 50 times longer and higher than the normal bulb.

4. Color Temperature

A LED bulb comes in different variety of colors like red, blue, yellow. The different color is used in different portions of the home.

There were 3 main colors available on the market. Choose the right color as per your reference. Natural white is best for kitchen and washrooms.

Warm white best suited for living room, bedroom and family gathering places.

Cool daylight creates the natural light feeling. Each color suits the one-room environment.

5. Enclosed Fixtures Need Special Bulbs

Some LED bulbs can long to last for decades in which heat they produce they need to be consumed. If it is not done then heat will damage the electronics inside the bulb.

If you need to buy a bulb for a fully enclosed fixture, read the packaging carefully to make for proper use.

Bulbs made for enclosed fixtures have a more efficient thermal design that will easily resist with higher temperatures.

LED Lighting Solutions

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