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LED Lighting

Associated with the best manufacturer companies of LED Lights in India and abroad, we only provide you the best products available in the market. We are the distributors of major brands like Panasonic, Wipro, Osram, Mitsubishi Verbatim, Opple etc.

Wires And Cables

We deliver only high quality wires to our customers thus ensuring their safety and ease of use for them. This means that all our customers are safe with our products.

Switch And Accessories

We also work in distribution of switch and accessories of top notch companies such as Schneider, North-West, Legrand, Norisys etc. These companies manufacture good quality switches which ensures safety.

LED Lights Distributors

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    Having a long time legacy and experience of so many years, we deliver any electrical solutions with expertise. Our working involves moral principles and ethics that distinguishes us from any other company in the field. Our working involves transparency in everything we do because of which a lot of customers put their trust into us.
    The experience of over 80 years makes us one of the top most distributors of electrical solutions and appliances. We strive to make good relationships with the customers. We provide lighting solutions for retail, work spaces, hospitals etc. and offer one step solutions to almost all your electrical requirements, so that you do not have to look for someone else for different electrical requirements.