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Finolex Cables

Finolex Cables

Finolex Cables is basically an Indian manufacturer of electrical and other telecommunication cables.  It is the head company of the Finolex Group.

Finolex cables company mainly established in 1958. The company also made manufactures polyvinyl chloride (PVC) sheets for roofing, signage, and interiors.

Manufacturing factories of finolex cables are mainly produced in Pune, Goa, and Uttarakhand.

Finolex cables products are used for the variety of purposes mainly used for electrical usage, effective transmission of voice, transferring data and images for domestic as well as commercial and industrial applications, and for electrical products.

Finolex cables products voltage is  1100 volt PVC insulated cables.

They produce various types of cables such as motor winding (polyvinyl chloride), insulated cables, automotive/ batteries cables, UPS (uninterrupted power supply), power and control cables, and heavy duty, underground, high voltage, power cables etc.

Finolex cables limited in India’s one of the leading manufacturer of PVC-U pipes and fittings. They are the second largest producer of PVC resin.

We have state of the art manufacturing plants in Pune. They carry out distribution from our warehouses in Delhi, Indore.  They are continuously increasing their product to increase the production capacity.

It Will Help to Enable to Achieve Their Main Goal of Becoming a 1 Billion USD Company in the Near Future.

PVC-U Pipes Division:

Finolex PVC Pipes are available in the variety of sizes, dimensions, pressure classes and diameters.

We can use for the numerous applications in both agricultural as well as non-agricultural sectors including housing, industrial and construction.

BRBD providing a superior quality of PVC-U and CPVC pipes and fitting all across the country. It can be accessed both direct and indirect retail outlets.

The company’s business segments also include several electrical cables, communication cables, copper rods and other. The Electrical cables also include 1,100 volts of Polyvinyl chloride(PVC0, insulated cables etc.

PVC Resin Division:


PVC is the main ingredient for pipes. PVC set their resin manufacturing plant basically located in the Ratnagiri. It is spreading across an area of over 700 acres.

The plant had set their technical collaboration with high Hoechst technology. This plant manufacture uses both the suspension and emulsion Polyvinyl chloride. It has an annual output of 272,000 m.t.p.a.

PVC used in a various variety of applications such as the manufacture of pipes, insulation of cables, for window profiles, flooring, blister packaging etc.

They are versatile in nature. PVC continuously used for the newer applications.

BRBD is authorized distributor of Finolex cables distributor in Delhi. BRBD deals in all kinds of indoor and outdoor lighting fittings, LED lightings, SKD.

The company controls the design and quality of products from start to finish. Our main aims to exceed its customer’s expectations and provide a difference with the products to the market.

The New Vision of Finoloex Cables

Finolex cables for the next few years has been changing their total identity. The plans of setting their new units to manufacture electrical equipment such as motors, transformers etc.  The company plans to change its 50 years odd year legacy of being a manufacturer of cables in the electrical products business.

Our main products are :

1. PVC insulated cables

2. Flameguard-FRLS cables

3. PVC winding wires

4. Jelly filled cables

5. PVC foam sheets

6. CFL

7. PVC single core flexible cables

8. PVC corrugated sheets

9. Polyvinyl rigid sheets

10. Made several electrical switches

BRBD counts itself among the top when it comes to delivering high quality ‘energy saving’ solutions for our admire clients. BRBD was established with an objective to provide advanced technologies in power generation of renewable source of energy.

All our products are designed and manufactured by using latest advanced developments. We are here to provide the highest global standards quality of products. All of our products are warranted in the given period.