Understanding Layered Lighting

When you hear the term ‘Layered Lighting’?? Then what first thing clicks in your mind?

Maybe it made you think of winter clothing or Wedding Cakes, but with light? Puzzling for certain, how on earth do you “layer” light??

Lighting a home may not be as simple as you’d think—but it doesn’t have to be difficult, either.

Before we could explain, let’s just propose that a perfectly lit room should have the 3 basic layers to make for attractive, well-designed and viable lighting in your home and these ARE……

Accent Lighting, Task Lighting, and General lighting.


Accent Lighting

Imagine as the jewelry your room needs for its sweetest performance which will add drama to your room by creating a visual interest, its directional lighting that highlights and draws the eye to a certain area or object such as that fabulous painting, your prize possessions, sensational textured and brick walls or even an amazing architectural feature.

Task Lighting

More particular than ambient lighting, the second level is task lighting and is appropriate in any room of your home.

Task lighting is known for the work-oriented purpose. It will help you perform a specific task, such as cooking, reading, homework or putting on makeup and so on.

Be Remember, just because it’s a task as its name states, doesn’t mean it can’t be a fantastic feature piece too.

Ambient, or General Lighting

yep, you guessed it, light that seals a room, slightly illuminating the entire space without focusing on anything in particular.

This provides you with overall illumination in an area and radiates a relaxed level of brightness without gaze.

You can get done this with wall lights, cove lighting, wall washing and stunning pendants that diffuse light in all directions.

Just because it’s ambient, doesn’t mean it can’t be a feature and to double duty.

So, in a conclusion, layering your light is all about mixing these 3 main lighting styles, and balancing them so that you don’t have features disagreeing with each other, and can create a different mood in your room depending on how many of the lights you can use at any given time.

Layered lighting has the greatest impact in open plan living areas where you are uniting the function of your kitchen, with the features of your dining area and also trying to ease at the end of the day in your lounge.

Crafting the right light in these spaces means that you can change the mood, and function of the room at the press of a switch.

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