The golden rule kiss for lighting

The Golden Rule KISS for Lighting

BRBD Sons, the director and principal of award-winning lighting design consultancy Elektra Lighting in London practices a non over complication lighting designs for hotels, restaurants, bars, retails, private houses and workplaces. As we live in a technological world, lighting a room can be done with the help of a mobile app. But BRBD Sons point of view is different as guests may don’t want to turn their Wifi on and install an app from store after stepping out from a long flight and many more tasks to be completed for the next day, in front of them, turning next room light on by mistake, all these feel exhausting.

According to BRBD Sons, a hotel lighting expert, hotel lightning scheme plays a great role in the success of the hotel. It is always wise to hire a professional but the following 12 tips can help if you wish to go all alone by yourself.

Know about the lux level

Know About The Lux Level

The luminous intensity of light, the lux levels can be seen in some Restaurant as 300 lux. This is not the only case to consider while lighting a hotel. More brightness of lighting can bring an office feel but not restaurant. To bring a cool atmosphere of a hotel with proper light and shadow and with 300 lux sure light, make sure to furnish the wall next to it darker.

Gloomy leads to costly

Gloomy leads to costly

The luxury of a hotel depends on the dim lighting as eating does not need a bright light. A restaurant with bright light makes people finish their food faster.

Colour Temperature


The white light itself seems different. They can be warm and cold like candles and ice respectively. Colour temperature is measured in Kelvin, choosing the proper one makes the lovely space more attractive to the guests. The best temperature for hotels is 2700K.

Variation in downlight


Although Toyota and Rolls Royce is a four-wheeler and have four seats, they are not identical. Both have greater influence in our world. Likewise, spending a bulk amount of cash on lighting does not sound good. Finding the cheapest and the appropriate one to suit your project is an ideal option.

Beam Angles


Beam angles are considered a topmost ranking in lighting. Whenever you change the lamps, the beam angles should not be changed as it totally makes a different feel. Later you will be confused about what had happened to your lovely space.

Lighting and furniture

Lighting and furniture

Downlights and restaurants table must go together always. When the table is changed then, of course, the downlight should. No one prefers eating on a table with no downlight or lights focussing their head and hair.

Sort out a fix


If chairs are not proper, then fitting cushion to it has no meaning. Isn’t it? When it comes to lighting, proper lighting and right beam angle make a smooth dining, a great investment.

Control system

Control system

Creating multifunctional spaces and automatically setting scenes according to different times in a day is what a dimming system does. Creating a different feel in your ballroom or a wedding mood can be made easy with a proper control system.

Lighting can make a different feel for guests. The breakfast time must be bright, airy while dinner must be moody and sexy. Proper lighting, color temperature, beam angles can make identical space awesome.

Floor lighting, not a wise choice

No one is going to walk by looking down the floor. All the work so far by our team is with no floodlights and all those are the success too. Light the places that attract guests and that defines your uniqueness. Do not ever light up the floor.

All those aspects mentioned above is the stuff that I wrote myself on my own. It will take long years in learning all the designing features. Hiring a professional is the better option rather than moving forward on your own.