Selection of Led Lamp

In this article, you will learn about Selection of Led Lamp. LED stands for light-emitting diodes. It is an electrical light or light lamp that yields light by using light-emitting diodes.

They have a long service life and are more efficient than most of the other lamps.

In olden days we have only one type of tube light however over the period of time there was a need to save the energy so more energy efficient options arise in the market.

LED has low energy usage, produces less heat and is Eco-friendly and have a low impact on the environment when discarded.
Huge variety of LED is available in the market nowadays and it really becomes difficult to choose the best one.

Let‘s look at some of the options while selecting of LED lamp:

1. Good Brand

In today time there is a lot of variety is available in the market which offers almost same price and same look.

So in this scenario always go for a brand as the company has put in lots of efforts in making it.

2. Low heat output


Light is something that is continuously used without a break so this is a most important factor that should be taken into consideration while selecting a LED Lamp.

A lamp with more heat will burn much easily and need to be replaced sooner.

3. Electricity consumption

More light consumption will lead to more electricity usage and bills, therefore one should always check how many units is the total output of LED and the selection should be made accordingly.

4. Flexibility and easy usage

Easy to use lamps should be selected so that you can adjust the position as per your requirement. A good LED lamp can be easily tuned and provide good light intensity.

5. Warranty period


Normal usage of LED is ten years however it may vary as per the price as well.

Always look in for the manufacturer and guarantee on the parts of the light.

Easy return and exchange policy are also available for the same.

6. Eco-friendly


LED lights are Eco-friendly as well. The light produced by these LED is also suitable for some the plants which help them to grow.

7. Room Type

Considering the right LED lamp as per room is very necessary.

Putting on very glittery, eye-catching lamp in a bedroom will not serve the purpose. Not only lamp but the bulb color also matters while selecting the LED lamp.

Some of the most common colors are soft white, bright white and warm white.

So what you are waiting for? Replace those old heavy tube lights and bulbs with fancy, efficient, power saving LED lamps and change the view. It will not only renew your house or office look but you will also feel relaxed.

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