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Schneider Electric Distributors in Delhi

Schneider Electric distributors are the global specialist in the lighting industry which operates at more than 100 countries.

These integrated solutions distributed along different market segments which including leadership positions in energy.

Their infrastructure, industrial processes, building automation, data centers/networks as well as a broad presence in any residential applications.

As a part of the Schneider electric distributor,  BRBD is a leading global supplier of industrial automation and lighting process control.

They also measure other data management solutions and their services also.

Our innovative products and designs to bring the real benefits also by optimizing the processes, plant efficiency and their operations.

BRBD by the Schneider Electric is a global leader in both critical power and other cooling services.

BRBD provides one of the industry leading product, software, and systems for home, office and other factory floor applications. Balak ram banarsi dass and sons is a well established and respected name in a lighting industry.

We are the franchise distributors of major brands of LEDs, wires, cables, switch and other accessories including Panasonic, anchor, LED, KEI etc in which BRBD is one of them.

The decision to make a good lighting distributor is just the way to increase your business.

When you planning to add new products in the existing products or want to boost your business then become a lighting distributor is a good idea.

You must select a lighting product that is compatible with your business growth. You must place all the information that is placed by the lighting distributor.

Lighting company helps to complete your business.

They are highly demanded by our valuable customers. We value our added resellers, contract manufacturers, and commercial customers through a global network.

The company maintains over 400 sales facilitates and more than 50 distribution. We value our added centers and serving more than 80 countries.

BRBD team works consistently to manufacture superior quality lights, that are highly demanded by its valuable customers.

Its team includes engineers, quality controllers, logistic managers, IT managers and other well trained technical professionals. Its teams constantly strive towards meeting its targets and achieve maximum customer satisfaction.

It provides regular training to its team members, in order to enhance their skills and capabilities.

Requirements Needed for Lighting Distributor


BRBD have more than 70 years of experience. We are here to providing the efficient commercial lighting in the market. Other needs for industrial lighting distributor are :

-Lower energy consumption by using Cost effective Opple light

-Proper maintenance reduces the disruption downtime

-Improve employee productivity by enhancing working conditions

-It will help to improve sustainability

-Create a safe Work environment

-Prepare a lighting fixture layout that responds to the concerns of maintainability

This feature highlights suitability for warehouse environments.

Provide best lighting solutions

Commercial lighting area basically demanding an complex lighting solutions. In which our main efforts is to be providing a good atmosphere.

Lighting is best for meeting the needs and preference of a various group of individuals. BRBD lighting solutions work according to the people requirements.

Our lighting products are a perfect balance between the lighting quality and energy efficiency.

BRBD is a client-centric organization and works hard to achieve a higher level of customers satisfaction.

While executing designing services, it keeps in minds to work according to client preferences and choices.

Schneider Electric Distributors

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