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How to Save Energy in Commercial Buildings

In this article, we will learn about how to save energy in commercial buildings. With the increasing costs of energy, commercial and industrialists must find effective solutions to reduce the electricity bills.

Energy costs are the second highest business expense, but organizations are often at a loss to reduce them. It is very easy to reduce the energy uses by to 20 percent at no cost.  

You can easily start with little changes like adjusting the temperature setpoints or to switch off the lights when no one is present around the room.

You can also help to get expert from a service and product provider which can take you a step forward.

Here are 5 Tips to Energy Savings in Commercial Buildings

1. Efficient Lighting Solutions

Commercial and industrial business can develop new ways to produce efficient and affordable lighting solutions.

They worked with professional lighting distributors to buy and install best lighting solutions to saving the energy.

If they replace existing lamps or bulbs with retrofitting fixtures, they save an electricity up to 30 percent.  

They also purchase an efficient replacement product for your existing fixtures to save energy bills.

Commercial industrial customers achieve maximum savings through effective lighting solutions.

2. Energy Augmentation Programs

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For businesses located in qualifying deregulated states, owners should seek out and take full advantage of energy aggregation programs.

They bundling multiple sites together to achieve lower energy costs. Commercial Real estate building worked with an experienced professional to explore accumulate their energy consumption for all the sites to take benefit of lower the electricity costs.

3. Upgrade Your HVAC System

An average life of an AC would be the 13 to 14 years. Older heating, cooling of a ventilation system is not sufficient.

Newer equipment not only improves the efficiency but also improve the overall air quality of the system.

If you enable a building energy management system in your commercial buildings then you save energy up to 30 to 40 percent costs.

You should be automatically done a heating or cooling systems to adjust the most efficient levels.

It allows you to control the heating or cooling for each room separately.

It means that you won’t be wasting an enormous amount of energy to cool the entire building if you using only one room.

4. Do an Energy Audit

The basic steps are to finding out to decrease the energy consumption in buildings is to complete the energy analysis.

It is a useful activity for both of your business and home. You can also complete the audit yourself or hire a professional to check your electricity bills.

You must begin to start your handle on your energy usage to check your electricity bills.

You must check the servicing, repair and maintenance records of the building.

You must be a supervision of your Air conditioning and lighting fixtures to determine the overall condition and efficiency of your system.

You must be lower your energy consumption by taking care of the problems.

5. Using an LED Bulbs

When it comes to lighting, commercial buildings require a lot of energy. In these people must be present at all hours whether it is day or night.

Switching to traditional bulbs with an LED bulbs is a great option. If building using traditional light bulbs replace them with an LED bulbs.

LED lighting using a less amount of energy. It also longer lives than any traditional bulbs.  

These are the several benefits of savings an energy in commercial buildings.  It will help to reduce the energy consumption by up to 30 percent.

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