There is no doubt that Natural bright rooms make us feel happier. But there are many other ways to improve the lighting in your bedroom whether it’s day or night. These simple tips on lighting will bring a lot of change in the style statement of your bedroom. 


Wardrobe lighting

The bedroom requires bright general lighting as well as focused task lighting in wardrobes and other cabinets. Wardrobe lighting is perfect for bedroom as you can easily see your clothes and other things. It makes a lot of difference in the bedroom’s look.


Choose right bulb

You should always use LED bulbs because they come in all shapes, sizes and intensities, Layers of spotlights and indirect lighting play over an impressive variety of luxurious textures. LED bulbs can perform a lot more than just giving a normal lighting like they can help to highlight your texture.


Keep it bright

You should choose lampshades with bright colour which can make a bedroom bright. Such lampshades improve the appearance of your bedroom.


Install wall hung light in your bedroom

Wall hung lights make it easy to read without need to on the main room lights. They look extraordinary in your bedroom and come in a wide range of shapes and styles.


Table lamp

Table lamp is perfect for bedroom. Light the dark corners of your home with Led and table lamp. A table lamp can work as focus lighting for reading or other activities.


Add dimmer controls

Dimming lights can make a room more comfortable.


Use multiple source

You can use lamp in night time and during daytime natural sunlight can do much of the work for illumination.


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