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Are you designing or remodeling a new home? Perhaps you have already done that, invested a lot of money, bought beautiful furniture, however still the room doesn’t look as exciting or special as you had really expected? It is not really uncommon in the majority of houses that the lighting has not been given enough consideration or thought. Lighting is such a crucial factor that no amount of careful planning, and use of space, no colors or textures, finishes or fabrics will look good without the proper lighting. There are 3 types of lighting:

1. Ambient or General Lighting

2. Task Lighting

3. Accent Lighting

What Is Ambient Lighting

One of the most conventional kinds of lighting is Ambient light. This kind of lighting creates a subtle and soft glow that covers your room that’s perfect for you to work without causing a piercing glare. In décor, ambient light is supposed to actually make the space’s lighting as plain, simple and natural. Although you’ll get from point A to point B safely with the assistance of ambient light, it’s not ideal for activities like studying or working.

It is vital to note that ambient light helps to make the perfect space that one has to unwind and relax after a stressful day at work. As this light catches the soft curves of your face and causes your pupils to dilate slightly (a physical indication of affection), ambient lighting is usually called ‘mood lighting’.

Following are some of the lights you can use to create Ambient Lighting in your house:

1. Chandeliers

2. Pendants

3. Recessed

4. Track

5. Ceiling

What Is Task Lighting

Task lighting is actually a more intense light but the area that it covers is way smaller. This light is right when you’re working on a crucial task this light helps you focus. This is why it’s also called ‘office lighting’. Task lighting aims to assist you see once you do projects that need a finer light, like reading, cooking, writing, sewing. Task lights work best when they are utilized in combination with ambient light. For example, if you have a really low lit room with a swing arm lamp (task light) switched on over your desk, it’ll automatically help your brain focus far better. Our collection is actually an excellent spot to start searching for Task Lighting.

Following are some of the lights you can use to create Task Lighting in your house

1. Pendants

2. Swing Arm Lamps

3. Under Cabinet

4. Vanity

What Is Accent Lighting

To attract the attention to a single focal point, accent focused li lights do exactly that. Accent lighting is actually a way that you can add style and drama to your home. When highlighting dull places, use accent lights to assist you illuminate the parts you really want on show. Spaces that have furniture pieces, artwork, bookcases, displays, collections are actually best-suited places for these sort of lights. The accent lighting used outdoor is when you highlight portions of your home or yard’s architecture. Holidays like Halloween as well as christmas, when people place their decorations outside, they use accent lights. One of the lighting styles that produce a really elegant atmosphere is accent lighting, which is why it gives a space an elite and opulent feel.

If you wish to produce accent light, we suggest using the following lights:

1. Wall Lights

2. Recessed

3. Landscape

4. Track

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