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How Does Lighting Decor Influence Your Subconscious Mind?


In this article you will learn about the How does lighting decor influence your subconscious mind.Have you ever walked into a dark and dingy room and felt your mood drop?

Or stayed in a hotel room that put you at ease as soon as you set your suitcase down?

Our environment has a very big impact on how we feel; whether it’s the scent of a place that triggers a certain memory or lighting that set a certain vibe, there are a lot of factors that affect our mood.

Want to make sure that your place is giving the right vibe?

Read on for more information to create a home that works right for you both inside and out.

1.Colour Code

Your color choice is the main component of how you experience the world around you.

The walls of your place have a definitive effect on your mood and emotions.

So when painting next time, choose colors that fit with the tone you want to create in the space.
The basic color guide


  1. RED symbolizes power and passion choose this color when you want to create a warm and intimate space.
  2. ORANGE is for energy and innovation be careful while using this color as too much use often create an overwhelming vibe.
  3. YELLOW is for happiness and creativity. It works well in a room with lots of natural light and creates a peaceful environment.
  4. BLACK associated with power; use of this color should be limited to those pieces you want to draw attention to.
  5. GRAY gives a sense of relaxation and therefore is used in spaces like home office or bathrooms.
  6. PURPLE adds a sense of royalty and sophistication
  7. WHITE denotes purity and is great for a defining space, but it’s better to use it with other colors as too much use of white gives a sterile vibe.

So, while decorating it’s better to choose three colors to include in your interior, a neutral for largest items like walls and flooring, a calmer color for furniture and lastly a more dramatic color to make a statement.

2. Fill In Your Space

Once your walls are painted, it’s time to fill in your space.

Do you people know that every item you add to your place act as an expression of your personality?

For example

If a person chooses a small, designer couch over a generic brand that offers plenty of room for a family to spread out together is considered as someone who is concerned with his social status.


On the other hand, if someone’s refrigerator is full of postcards and kids artwork is seen as more welcoming and friendly.

While there is no wrong or right, next time when you go shopping consider.
1. Function: Will this item fit your need?
2. Exchange: Is this item worth it?
3. Symbolic: Does this item add to emotional sentiments of your place?
4. Sign: Is the item particular or branded?

3.Improve The Energy Of Your Home

Ensure that your entrance is clean, bright and welcoming. Arrange your furniture in a way that allows you to see your doorway clearly and is appealing to the guests.

Decorate with natural elements like flowers and stones. Or you can always add the element of feng shui to your place to attract good luck, positive energy and success.

In this article, you learned about  How does lighting decor influence your subconscious mind.

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