Health benefits of LED lights


1. Decrease anxiety

We know that LED lights are good for the environment. LED lighting has been associated with decreased level of stress in home, Schools, College Banks, etc.


2. Good for skin

LED light do not radiate UV rays that’s why LED lighting is good for skin. It do not cause any problem to the skin.


3. Good for eyes

As we know that, eyes are very important part in our body. There are many lights which have high brightness that is very harmful for our eyes. LED bulbs do not flicker because they run using DC voltage. That’s why LED lighting is good for eyes.


4. Good for breath

When the LED lights break, it does not cause breathing problem because it does not contain mercury or any other toxic gases or it helps to protect the environment from further toxic waste. Mercury is very harmful for young children.


5. Explosion

LED lights are free from explosion because LEDs are solid state components. The LED lighting system is mostly mature technology.


6. Reduces light pollution

LED lights reduce light pollution. Experts have now developed a three part lighting fixture that helps to focus on the desired area and hence reducing light pollution. It is good to go green which will helps to reduce pollution.


7. Heat

LEDs are cool to touch because they do not radiate infrared or UV light. Led lights do not produce heat. LED system are generally low voltage.


8. LED lights duration

If you use LED lights for 10 hours per day, this should be 13.7 years, because LED have life expectancy of 50000 hours, which can reduce maintenance cost. This saving can be used on our health.


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