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What are the Features that will become Important in future LED Street Lights?





In the following article we will be discuss about the answer to the question “What are the features that will become important in future LED street lights. The lighting revolution has been going on for over the past 150 years. We have gone from primitive or primary incandescent lights to highly advanced LED lighting technology.


 Features that must be part of the LED street lights:


1. Dimming light feature :

Dimming street lights can save a lot of energy when traffic is scarce or short. A lot of cities and municipalities are already using these to save electricity.


2. Motion sensors equipped lights :


Imagine or visualize the streets lighting up 100 meters ahead only. This can be great in areas which need lighting even though they don’t have heavy traffic. Just imagine the amount of energy that will be saved.


3. Advanced solar LED street lighting :


These are currently available in the market but I’m talking about performance and power usage here. Future street lights will be much better at this.


4. Haze and Fog Optimized Street lights :



Visibility is a big problem, in winters. Future LED Street lights will be ready for fog and even pollution generated haze.LED lights are much more energy efficient than halogen lamps and Incandescent lights. LED lights are an immense or huge improvement over the Incandescent lights.

But, as one knows there’s always room for improvement or advancement. Some globally famous LED enterprises are constantly innovating and bringing lighting advancements in the lighting market for LEDs. There is another LED lighting innovation that is healthy lighting.

Well, this was the end of the article of What are the Features that will become Important in future LED Street Lights? Healthy lighting and Safelight bulbs equipped with low blue light technology are the future of LED lighting.

They are known for overall wellbeing and maximizing performance, safe light bulbs are bringing further improvements in LED lights. Safe light bulbs include human-centric lights, low blue lights, healthy and overall well light bulbs, circadian lights, mood lights, sunlight light bulbs etc.