There are various types of LED lights that can be used to make your home look spectacular. Such as Task Lighting, Focus Lighting, ambient lighting etc. These solve the purpose of functional as well as decorative items in the rooms. Always keep in mind about using the perfect set of lights to give your rooms the proper illumination. Well, it’s a bit confusing to choose that perfect light as there are many options available. And it becomes harder when you have less or no knowledge about lighting. Here, we are going to solve this problem and guide you with the lights and their functions:


Ambient lighting
These all are soft and natural lighting. You can create soft glow atmosphere with the help of ambient lighting. You should use ambient lighting in bedroom. Ambient lighting is is created by ceiling light fixtures for example pendants and chandeliers.





Accent lighting
Generally, accent lighting is used for decoration. You can use accent lighting in living room. It highlight your object whatever you want to light and it focus your artwork.





Task lighting
Task lighting is small lighting. You can use task lighting in your study room. When you are doing your school home work or office work it focus your reading, writing, etc work.





Table lamp
A table lamp is a small electric lamp which stands on a table or other piece of furniture. If you have your own home office, then you’ll know just how important it is to have a good desk lamp to illuminate your work space.





Hanging fixtures lighting

  • Candle-style
  • Crystal
  • Drum
  • Bowl
  • Globe
  • Schoolhouse
    These lighting are for decoration. You can use hanging lighting in living room for decoration.




Floor lamp
floor lamps are the best bet to bring about any positive changes to your living room.Floor lamps are not only an accessory for the home. They are perfect for rooms where the amount of light is insufficient and in addition they can be a portable light source.


floor lamp



Recessed lighting
Recessed lighting are set into walls or ceilings. Recessed lighting are best for bathroom. Recessed lighting can add both function and style to the bath space, helping to create an area that makes it easy to relax and unwind.





Pendant lighting ares set into top ceiling wall. It hang from the ceiling with the help of a cord, chain, or metal rod.