Bedroom lighting inspiration and ideas

In this article, you will learn about Bedroom lighting inspiration and ideas. A bedroom is the most important place where we relax after a long day.

With space available at premium rates bedrooms have evolved from slumber zone into a multi-functional room that can be tricky to illuminate.

So whether you use your bedroom for sleeping, working or reading, here are few tips for freshening up your lightning and creating a brilliant and versatile bedroom scheme.

Bedroom lighting inspiration and ideas are as follows:

Ceiling lights:

A central ceiling light will cast a good and even glow around the room, which is perfect for general tasks like – getting ready, cleaning or putting away laundry.

Another tip, try to choose a light colored shade and team it up with a low watt bulb so it doesn’t seem too harsh.

Lightning for reading:

For a book lover, it is important to find a balance between a relaxing glow and suitable brightness to not strain your vision.

Height adjustable, wall mounted lamps are a versatile option. But while choosing them to make sure they are well shielded so you don’t have to see the bulb and can read without disturbing your partner.
Natural lighting:

Try to takes as much advantage of natural lights as you can, by keeping your curtains neatly tied back to allow light to filter in during the day.

Task lights:

Is your bedroom your office and also your dressing room? In that case, it requires specific lightning.

A direction lamp will be an excellent choice for a workplace while a floor lamp or a wall sconce will act as your friend for all your other tasks.

Accent lighting:

They come very handy for setting the mood of your room. Want to create a romantic atmosphere or a cozy glow for relaxing in the evening?

It all could be done by simply dimming the lights or adding fairy lights.

Illuminate using LED lights:

You can use LED spotlights to illuminate vanity mirror for perfect grooming and makeup application.

Mix it up:

Coordinate different type of lighting to enhance certain areas without neglecting others.

Like you may use recessed accent lights to bring eyes to items such as wall hangings or any other art or you can even hang them directly on the bed for reading.

Make most of the available space:

If on one side of your bed there is empty space available, then you can consider an adjustable hung lamp.

This lamp has a long arm which can be angled to perform various tasks when the main light is off.

Choosing the right bulbs:

Bulbs come in all shape, size, and intensities, so they are worth shopping for to compliment your scheme.

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