led1. LED does not contain mercury.
LED does not contain toxic gases and mercury. Mercury causes the major risk to young children. LED does not contain mercury that’s why LED is the safest source of light.



2. LED produces less heat.
LED lights are really cool to touch because they don’t produce infrared radiation. LED lights produce less heat that’s why they utilise approx. 80% less electricity.
3. LED lights use 50 percent less electricity than other traditional lights.
LED is a highly energy efficient lighting. LEDs save approx. 348 Twh of electricity.

4. LEDs can be controlled for brightness and colours.
A typical red indicator LED will achieve full brightness in microseconds. LEDs can easily be controlled for brightness and colours than other traditional lights.


5. LEDs have an expected lifespan of 30000 to 50000 hours or even longer.
LEDs have general lifespan about 50000 hours. LEDs are definitely a good investment for us.

6. LEDs produce more light per watt than other lights.
This is the reason that LEDs are more efficient and can lower initial costs.

7. LED is useful for energy saving in devices.


8. LEDs can be very small and can easily fit into printed circuit board.

9. LEDs can easily be dimmed or strobed.

10. LED is a lamp that emits light in a very narrow length. LED produces light that renders a color similar to natural daylight.